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Thu 19 Dec 2019


A lot of people forget some vital jobs when moving home for the first time so here at Collier Estates Hartlepool we have put together a checklist to make sure you never forget anything every again!

Booking in removals in advanced!
As soon as you know the date you can move into your new home it is in your best interest that you
book in your removal company. When moving for the first time you may want to leave this until you
have got everything boxed up ready to go, but don't fall into the trap of trying to organise your move
the week before the big day and everyone is fully booked up!
Make sure you pick a good one. Check out the most reviews you can because the last thing you
need when moving home is your dining table turning up with 3 legs!

Collier Estates Hartlepool Tip:

"Since working at Collier Estates in Hartlepool I have came across some horror stories
about people getting big tears in £3,000 couches and it all came down to people using
cheap and unreliable removal men, so I can understand in doing your research before
booking someone in"                                                 
                                                                                         - Malcolm, Collier Estates Hartlepool

Don't forget the utility companies!
From Gas & Electric to your Super fast fibre broadband, don't forget to inform them that you're moving home.
Let's start with the Gas and Electric companies and knowing what to do. You should already know who your
supplier but if you don't the number to call to find out is 0870 608 1524. Before you call the supplier make
sure you have taken meter readings of each meter (do this the day you move out and keep the date).
Once you have let them know they will ask if you want to change the supply to a different address; the best
possible advice for this scenario is to shop around. There are many useful comparison sites to use with the
most popular being CompareTheUtilityMarket.

You wan't to make sure you have internet when you move in your new home don't you? Calling your internet
provider and booking in a day so an engineer can come and fit your internet is a simple and easy process
and you won't be left waiting week with no WiFi!

Collier Estates Hartlepool Tip: Colour code your boxes by room and label them after.

"I moved home a few year ago and didn't phone my internet provider until the actual day I moved in.
The next thing I know I was waiting 3 weeks because that was the only available weekend slot they
had for someone to come in and install the new internet.             
                                                                                                                      - Michael, Collier Estates Hartlepool

Label/Organise your boxes!
Don't get to the new bathroom to find out you have packed up your toilet roll holder with your kettle and your
soaps with your salts! Organising packing from room to room is one of the most effective parts of moving to
a new home. If you have labelled every box you won't have to spend all day finding the end of the cellotape
on the carboard box to see what's inside each box. Kitchen boxes go into the kitchen, Bathroom boxes go
into the bathroom, you can kind of see where we're going with this... It's really that simple!

Collier Estates Hartlepool Tip: Always shop around when looking for who to go with, this can be the difference of £400 a year!

I took a few really heavy boxes up to the attic thinking it was old christmas items
only to realise I had actually took up the microwave, blender, toaster and a few
more items that needed to go down another 2 floors. 
                                                                                 - Jordan, Collier Estates Hartlepool

Lock down the fort!
Make sure you have every key for each door and window and also make sure they are all locked. It was
reported that forced entries occur more once people have actually moved house and they are left vacant.
All you can do is make sure everything is closed, locked and then you know you have done your part.

Collier Estates Hartlepool Tip: Go from room to room with a check list and once you have checked every window in that room cross it off.

"It has never happened to me but I can remember once someone left a window open
in a property in Hartlepool and someone climbed in a vandalised the full house and
ripped the floor boards up"                         
                                                                                   Chantelle, Collier Estates Hartlepool

Tell everyone you have moved!
From your great aunt Sally to the Royal Mail, make sure everyone know's you have moved and where to.
The last thing you want is a birthday card with £20 in going through the letter box of your old home and to
be always left wondering why that aunty never gave you anything. You can get in touch with each individual
company who has your details to inform them about your change of address or you can do the simple option
and pay the royal mail to redirect it for you.  Also informing companies such as banks and schools are important.

Collier Estates Hartlepool Tip: Write a list of the main companies your bills come from and then work your way
down the list changing your address with them.

Everyone in Hartlepool were recieving their tax rebates except me and it wasn't until I called them
and they had made me aware that mine had gone to my old address!
                                                                                                                  - Luke, Collier Estates Hartlepool

If you have any questions or need any help give Collier Estates Hartlepool a call on 01429 812 402.